What is Beauty?

Beauty can be defined as a combination of qualities that result in intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind or senses. Beauty can be associated with harmony, artistry, and originality. It can be difficult to express beauty, because each individual perceives pleasure and satisfaction differently. However, we can express harmony.

Symmetry is an element of harmony, and has scientifically been proven to capture the human eye. Characteristics such as our eyes, nose, and smile are known to attract others when symmetrically balanced. For this reason, cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the teeth. At Dr. Kara’s practices, cosmetic dentistry is a form of artistry that considers all elements of the face and how they work in harmony to create symmetry and originality in a smile.

According to Professor Gordon Patzer’s, “The Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon,” there are five predominant factors that contribute to physical attractiveness:

Teeth: 76% Smile: 75% Lips: 73% Eyes: 63% Nose: 58%

As a cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, Dr. Kara blends the scientific concepts of traditional dentistry with his artistic skill to craft smiles which balance each individual’s unique facial features. Through an understanding of harmony, artistry, and originality, he can create beauty as it is perceived through the human eye.