The Making of a Smile

First Appointment Your smile begins with a personal consultation with our dentist in Coquitlam, Dr. Kara. Listening to and understanding your desires are among the most important aspects of creating a new smile. For this reason Dr. Kara pays close attention to your goals and wishes to deliver results based on what you want to achieve.

Second Appointment Your treatment plan will be examined and a temporary smile fitted. Your teeth will be slightly shaped and fit with temporary restorations. This allows you to test-drive your new smile before your permanent veneers are being crafted.

Third Appointment You’ll return to Dr. Kara and provide any feedback you have regarding the look and feel of your temporary smile. Any needed adjustments will be communicated to our lab ceramist and a new mold will be created to begin crafting your porcelain veneers.

Fourth Appointment Dr. Kara will remove your temporary restorations and replace them with your new porcelain veneers. The final touches will be applied, and you’ll leave our office with your permanent new smile.

Follow Up With good hygiene and regular dental checkups, your new smile by our Coquitlam dentist is meant to last lifetime!