Gum Contouring

Your teeth aren’t the only component to a beautiful smile. Your gums are equally important! To bring balance and harmony to your appearance, gums should be healthy, even, and in good proportion to your teeth. Thankfully, uneven or excessive gum tissue can be beautifully sculpted to accent your smile by our Coquitlam cosmetic dentist, Dr. Kara.

Dr. Kara uses innovative laser technology to reshape the gum line for a well-balanced and beautiful smile. The procedure is quick, efficient, and virtually pain-free. In addition, the laser promotes healing for an equally comfortable recovery.

As a stand-alone treatment or as the final touch to a completely new smile design, you’ll be amazed by how easily Dr. Kara can enhance the beauty of your smile with his laser gum contouring treatment. If your smile is being compromised by the appearance of your gum line, request your consultation at one of Dr. Kara’s practices to find out if this revolutionary treatment is right for you!