As an aesthetic dentist, Dr. Kara’s practice goes beyond just beautiful teeth. All treatments he provides are built around a facial design paradigm. For this reason, it only makes sense that he would be among the small number of cosmetic dentists specially trained and experienced to provide Botox near Vancouver.

A youthful appearance begins with a vibrant smile, but it doesn’t end there. Since 2008, Dr. Kara has been offering Botox to smooth out fine lines and active wrinkles, giving his patients an obvious lift in their overall appearance. Having completed advanced Botox training courses, he can also use these treatments to relieve symptoms related to TMJ disorder and migraines. As a treatment in itself, or adjunct to other cosmetic treatments, Botox offers a complete rejuvenation experience!

What better way to complement your brand new smile than a quick Botox treatment? To learn more about the amazing benefits of Botox by Vancouver area cosmetic dentist Dr. Kara, call to schedule your consultation today!