Nothing speaks louder than the words of a patient who has already experienced the miraculous results provided by Dr. Kara. Please take a moment to read his patient reviews, and you’ll soon discover why Dr. Kara is ranked among the top dentists in Coquitlam BC.

Dr. Kara’s knowledge is outstanding. It is clear that he’s passionate about dentistry and continues to grow with technological advances in the industry. Everyone from the front desk, dental assistants, and down to the dentist built instant rapport and were very kind.

Everyone gets nervous when they visit the dentist, I am no exception. Dr. Kara and his team took the time to get to know me, made me feel special and put me at ease as if I were their only patient.

I now have a perfect, natural smile! So gorgeous! So bright! I smile all the time now and I’m not worried about hiding my smile. Honestly, I am a happier person, inside and out!

Carola B.

I would give Dr. Kara a 10 out of 10 rating. The team was fantastic and at no time did I feel rushed. This was my best experience ever for having dental work.

Terry A.

It had been 8 years since I had been to a dentist. When I walked in for a check-up and cleaning I started to cry from nerves. I was going to have sedation, but Dr. Kara and his team made me feel so calm that I was able to have work done without sedation. The team was professional, friendly and very supportive. They held my hand at times, reassured me, and calmed me down.

Now, I feel more confident and happy about smiling wide and showing my teeth!

Trish M.

Sedation dentistry is so much better than sitting through the procedure awake and also meant less visits. Dr. Kara and his team were always very pleasant, gentle and considerate and even covered me with warm blankets. Everything was great!

Lise J.

The best and most comfortable experience I have had at a dentist’s office. Dr. Kara and his team were very professional and friendly, and made the experience stress-free. I was impressed by all the latest equipment and the explanations I received on necessary repair and treatment as well as future restorative work.

L. T.

The team was very friendly but in a professional way. Dr. Kara explained everything very well and made sure I was feeling good about everything.

My friends all say I look good and different but can’t pinpoint what the change is, which I like. It gave me a real boost in confidence.

Parham T.

Dr. Kara and his team were knowledgeable, friendly, professional and very good at calming my nerves. Sedation dentistry has been the only way that I can get through my dental visits.

Darryl R.

Dr. Kara and his team listened to my concerns and put me at ease. I now have a million dollar smile without the big bill. I look more relaxed and natural also and I am not afraid to smile. I feel so good about myself. I am more confident and ready for new things.

Janet E.

I was very scared but the team talked with me and reassured me. Dr. Kara was very knowledgeable and my experience with sedation was very good.

Diane B.

This was an emergency exam and even though the website said that the office closed at 6pm, they still received me when I came in at 5:45 pm. They were very friendly and there was almost no wait time. I would give Dr. Kara and his team a 10 out of 10 rating.

Chi M.

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