Meet the Team

Zoë, Manager

"I have complete confidence and trust in Dr. Kara’s work. His ethics, clinical and cosmetic expertise, his astute aesthetic eye, commitment to excellence and generosity within our community, makes me VERY proud to be a part of his exceptional team of professionals."

Zoë’s passion for dentistry stems from our profession’s ability to cause transformation in the lives of others; because a person’s ability to smile comfortably and with confidence means everything. Zoë’s 20 years of experience in health care is diverse; from the management of a multi-doctor OB/GYN practice, to family, cosmetic and specialty dental practices, dental pharmaceutical sales and the organization of dental study clubs. Outside of dentistry, Zoë participates in municipal politics and enjoys helping non-profit organizations, traveling, baking, sewing, skiing, and professional development courses.

Kelita, Registered Dental Hygienist

"I've worked in many fabulous dental office and. I feel fortunate to be part of the CGS Team. I can say with sincerity that we are one of the most compassionate, skilled and fun dental offices around!"

Kelita began her dental career in 2005 as a Certified Dental Assistant and within a few months knew she wanted to become a hygienist. Pursuing higher education in Toronto, her dream to become a Registered Dental Hygienist was realized in 2008. From her experience working in specialty practice alongside periodontists, Kelita has extensive knowledge in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. She also enjoys working with patients of all ages from young and small, to the really wise and elderly!

Kelita thoroughly enjoys caring for people and giving them healthier smiles day after day. Her biggest compliment is when patients say they just had the most thorough and gentle cleaning ever! She delights in learning about new products and techniques to help her better advocate for her patients by staying up to date on new, evidence-based trends shaping the future of our profession.

Kelita enjoys a healthy lifestyle, cooking, playing cards and spending time with her family… and her Shiba Inu dog, Max!

Amanda, Certified Dental Assistant

"Dr. Kara’s attention to detail and ability to perform amazing dentistry makes me extremely proud to work with him!"

A dental professional since 2009, Amanda is inspired by the way dentistry can change a person’s life, from their overall health to their self-confidence. Amanda’s sunny outlook, kind heart and commitment to providing the highest level of patient care and comfort has resulted in many, many compliments from clients. In her spare time, she enjoys boating, cooking, pets and visiting with family and friends.

Darlene, Certified Dental Assistant

"I love to see the changes in our patients’ confidence that come with the great work we perform. Seeing the reaction of a patient is what confirms my decision to work in this great profession."

Darlene became a Certified Dental Assistant in 2004 after graduating from Douglas College and has been working in the profession ever since. She loves seeing the impact that our dental care can have on people’s day-to-day lives. Darlene excels at developing a rapport with people and her calm demeanor ensures that our patients are comfortable during their visits.

Darlene enjoys keeping fit, reading, and spending time with her family.

Kamyl, Certified Dental Assistant

"I love meeting new patients, hearing their stories and helping them achieve good oral health. I'm proud to work with a dental team that is dedicated to providing great patient care."

Kamyl graduated from the dental assisting program at CDI College and was certified in early 2012. Her gentle demeanor and kindness helps put our patients at ease. She is always willing to help others and her positive attitude is refreshing and contagious.

Outside of work, Kamyl enjoys singing, making people laugh, cooking, baking and spending time with her family and friends.

Shainaz, Administrative Assistant

"I'm honoured to work with a dedicated team that delivers the highest level of care available, and to see the difference dentistry and sedation dentistry makes in people's lives. I'm especially proud our team is non-judgemental with our patients, a philosophy that begins with the first conversation on the phone or in-person, and continues throughout a patient's care for many years."

Having worked in dentistry since 2005, Shainaz genuinely cares for people and patients often remark on the warmth and compassion they feel from her with every interaction. Always happy to help, Shainaz excels at helping our patients coordinate appointments and benefits with their specific treatment needs.

Outside of the office, Shainaz's volunteer work with her church is focused on empowering youth in leadership. A lifelong learner, Shainaz is inspired by many teachers; Ghandi, Obama and Oprah to name a few. She also enjoys the outdoors, walking, reading and time with her husband and two daughters.

Ashley, Practice Administrator

"Since joining Dr. Kara and his team in 2008, I have been privileged to work alongside the most dedicated, accomplished and compassionate team providing comprehensive, esthetic and sedation dentistry."

Upon entering the dental field in 2003 as an administrative assistant, Ashley quickly realized her passion for "life changing" dentistry. Her commitment to our clients, her loyalty, attention to detail, and mentorship of her fellow team members has made Ashley a much-loved and admired team member. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, golfing and spending time at home with her husband and pets Daisy, Oliver and Sookie.

Raman, Registered Dental Hygienist

"I am very fortunate to be able to work with Dr. Kara. He has taught me so much and helped shape me as a confident professional. His work is carried out very meticulously and with much care and compassion. He looks at the whole smile design picture and sees what the future outcome should be, not only aesthetically, but also and more importantly functionally. He loves what he does and makes sure that his team loves what they do by setting the highest of standards for himself. I admire his ability to treat his team with respect and treat us all like his family."

Raman began her career in dentistry as a clinical assistant over one decade ago. As her love for the profession grew, seeking a challenge, she continued her career progression in the study of dental hygiene. Raman’s profound ability to be empathetic with the needs and concerns of our clients, to interact with so many different people of all ages, results beautifully in patient’s feeling instantly at ease with her. Her greatest reward is seeing a patient that started in our practice as a high-fear sedation patient and later evolves into a comfortable happy non-sedation patient, confidently maintaining their oral health with the knowledge she has educated them with. In Raman’s own words, “seeing that healthy big smile from ear to ear makes me very happy!

At work and at home, Raman is committed to constantly improving her (and her patient’s) overall well-being inside and out. She loves working out and spending time with her husband and two young daughters.

Susan, Registered Dental Hygienist

Susan joined Dr. Kara’s team in 2011 and is proud to work with like-minded, dedicated professionals whose passion for dentistry and attention to detail are of utmost importance.

Susan enjoys working in the preventive aspect of heath care. Her attention to detail is refelcted in her work and commitment to a high level of treatment standards. She is rewarded when a client achieves optimal oral health and a smile they feel proud of. Susan thrives on building personal and professional relationships with each individual client, making them feel comfortable during their treatment.

Outside of work, Susan enjoys riding motorcycles, snowboarding, summer at the cabin and outdoor adventures with her two dogs.

Cheryl, Certified Dental Assistant

"I'm very grateful to be working with a fantastic team who is highly skilled and puts patient care first."

Cheryl graduated from CDI College in 2008 as a Certified Dental Assistant. Outside of work, she likes to spend quality time with her son and family. She loves to travel whenever there is an opportunity. Cheryl feels very blessed to have a wonderful family and great workplace.

Melissa, Certified Dental Assistant

"I really enjoy working with our team and feel privileged to be a part of making amazing, positive changes in our patient’s lives."

Melissa graduated from CDI College in 2006 as Certified Dental Assistant and has been working with Dr. Kara for over six years now. She loves to be involved in the creation of new smiles for our clients, restoring their oral health and catering to their needs such that they have an amazing dental experience in the utmost comfort. In her leisure time, Melissa enjoys travelling the world, eating great food and spending time with her friends and family.

Sarah, Administrative Assistant

"I value the excellent work and service Dr. Kara provides to his patients. He works diligently to deliver great results combined with outstanding customer service. His goal is to ensure patients are happy and completely satisfied."

With her friendly disposition, Sarah enjoys being the first person patients see when they visit the office. Sarah derives a great deal of enjoyment seeing a patient's dental health improve and become happier and healthier because of it.

In her spare time, Sarah loves camping, snowboarding, spending time with her family, friends and her golden retriever, Harley.

Yvonne, Administrative Assistant

"I'm proud to work for Dr. Kara because of his attention to detail and the superior level of dentistry he provides. It is great to be part of a team that works hard every day to provide the best care for every patient."

Yvonne has been working at Dr. Kara's Langley location since 2003. She is committed to patient's feeling welcomed, cared for and special. Yvonne is happy to help with insurance matters, financial options and scheduling of appointments, and always with a warm smile.

Outside of work Yvonne enjoys her family, cooking gourmet meals, travelling by plane in the winter and road trips in the summer with her 5th wheel RV.